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I'm Maya, a passionate Singaporean, ready to realize any your desire. Do you want me to show you a real lesbian show? I will caress and kiss a girl in front of you; I’ll do as you like, giving unforgettable oral pleasure. To achieve these I need my helpers - the dildos, so no one is left aside. I am ready to fulfill your every fantasy. Call me and you will never regret it.

General Infos:

Age: 29
Height: 172
Weight: 49
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: Singaporean
1 hour, ZAR:
2 hours, ZAR:
All Night, ZAR:
Outcall escort: Yes

Escort Preferences

Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Toys / Dildos


What time are you available tonight

Are you available? Where are you located? How much? Pls send me the details 0813984064.. Joey

Hi. Are you available now?

Hi. Rates please

Where are you based

Hi.. where are you based

Whats your rates gorgeous

How much per hour

How much for 1 hour for outcall

Hello sexy girl my name is nathi from Pretoria Hartfield Im looking for fun

Hi there.. Which area and how much per hr

How much , location?

How much , location?

how much one hour?

Send me location n price

Whats the rate and location for you and a friend to do the kesbian threesome later today.

Hi the price

How much an hour in

How much an hour in my place

Where are you located?

hi there would like to book u what is your rates

Hello Maya, I am interested in making a booking next week sometime. Kindly advise what are your rates. Have a great day further

Hello i am interested in booking you what are your rates and location

Hello i am interested in booking you what are your rates and location.

So I wanna make some money

Hi happy to see your pic I like it whats your rates

Hi how are you.i see your pick and i like it can I come to meet you.Any time soon.

Hi there, Extremely interested please tell me what are you rates. Thank

Are you available tonight for a couple and what are your rates



Hi What’s you rate and location?

Rate for 1 night?

Please what is your rates

Hi what is your rates and location


Rates and location for you and a friend to do the lesbian treesome

Hi what is your rate and location

Hi what is your rate and location

Location andvrates

Hi what’s your hourly rate

Location and rates ?

Hi what are your rates per hour


Hi baby, what is your rates per hour. Nice pictures. What area in Pretoria are you form. Thanks, David

Where u located?